Sprint Brings Out Teen and Fleet Products to Support Distracted Driving Awareness

AmeriFleet distracted driving

Sprint is kick­ing off April’s “Dis­tract­ed Dri­ving Aware­ness Month” with a large scale Dis­tract­ed Dri­ving Cam­paign and by offi­cial­ly launch­ing their DRIVE FIRST app for cell phones. As a major mobile phone provider, Sprint wants par­ents to know that they are ded­i­cat­ed to reduc­ing dis­trac­tions in the car and with DRIVE FIRST, where reg­is­tered phones auto­mat­i­cal­ly acti­vate when in motion and sends all calls to voice­mail and responds to incom­ing texts with a pre-set mes­sage. Sprint also has a busi­ness ver­sion of DRIVE FIRST for busi­ness­es and fleets, called Fleet­Safer.

Sprint’s nation­al cam­paigns fea­ture the stars of GLEE and a fan­tas­tic war of “thumb socks.” One com­mer­cial shows how to pro­tect a teen daugh­ter from the “swarm” of data com­ing through her phone while dri­ving with DRIVE FIRST. Anoth­er one shows Fleet­Safer, an enter­prise mobile soft­ware to pre­vent dis­tract­ed dri­ving.



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