Sprint Brings Out Teen and Fleet Products to Support Distracted Driving Awareness

AmeriFleet distracted driving

Sprint is kicking off April’s “Distracted Driving Awareness Month” with a large scale Distracted Driving Campaign and by officially launching their DRIVE FIRST app for cell phones. As a major mobile phone provider, Sprint wants parents to know that they are dedicated to reducing distractions in the car and with DRIVE FIRST, where registered phones automatically activate when in motion and sends all calls to voicemail and responds to incoming texts with a pre-set message. Sprint also has a business version of DRIVE FIRST for businesses and fleets, called FleetSafer.

Sprint’s national campaigns feature the stars of GLEE and a fantastic war of “thumb socks.” One commercial shows how to protect a teen daughter from the “swarm” of data coming through her phone while driving with DRIVE FIRST. Another one shows FleetSafer, an enterprise mobile software to prevent distracted driving.



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