Service Departments Are Finding More Savings through Green Energy Efficiency

NADA is encouraging dealer management to take on energy efficiency initiatives to save money and to contribute to the community. Now service departments are taking advantage of that opportunity, as well. EPA’s Energy Star Green Garage Challenge Administrator Steven Schillinger said that 65% of automotive service and repair shops certified under Green and Clean City programs find thousands of dollars in overlooked compensation when auditing their utility bills.

When a shop registers for Find Green Garage public recognition, an engineer verifies the carbon footprint based on records acquired from electric, gas, water, and waste service providers. Validation of each facility is accomplished by auditing the Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) emitted or reduced over a period of time based on billing information provided by the utility company. A detailed accounting can reveal utility billing errors and overlooked subsidies.

“Most shops have overlooked municipal subsidies or overcharges,” Schillinger said. “A majority of overpayments, mis-billings, mis-classifications, and overcharges are identified during an initial audit while overlooked rebates and subsidies are identified during the Grant funded due diligence process.”



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