Offering Free WiFi Could Land You in Jail

Ketty Colom, ActivEngage

By Ketty Colom

There’s a chance that not many have heard of the new “Six Strikes” copyright alert system, a new program that is being rolled out soon to crack down on illegal web piracy — downloads from Mega, BitTorrent, etc.

The big Internet Service Providers (Verizon and Comcast) are behind the push to stop these downloads, which according to a report in New York Magazine, costs the economy about $58 billion annually.

How does this Six Strikes rule work?

Ars Technica reported some details on exactly how the oft-delayed six strikes policy will work in practice [last year]. Basically, there are three “stages” Internet Service Providers will go through before taking action:

  • a “notice” phase that “involves letting users know they’ve been tracked on copyright-infringing sites”
  • an “acknowledgement” phase in which “the customer will have to actually acknowledge having received those notices”
  • and finally, the “mitigation” phase where “users who have traded copyrighted files are actually punished” through either having their speeds throttled or blocking access to certain sites.

How does this affect my dealership?

This may sound like it doesn’t pertain to dealerships, but it does to those who offer free Wi-Fi in your waiting areas.  If your customers are regularly downloading or distributing pirated content from your establishment, you could be liable.

The solution?

This rule applies to residential internet connections, so it may be time to upgrade to a business level-internet connection.

Learn more about this rule by reading this FAQ.

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