NAAA Releases Survey Findings on Auction Industry Trends


Frank Hack­ett
National Auto Auc­tion Association

NAAA sur­vey results show slight vol­ume increase in 2012 — sign auc­tion indus­try will see increases in vol­ume of cars enter­ing and being sold at auc­tion in years to come. Results show strength and depth of a mature indus­try that despite var­i­ous chal­lenges has demon­strated its resiliency.

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NAAA Mem­ber Auc­tions Sold Esti­mated 7.9M Used Vehi­cles Worth $72.7B, Accord­ing to 16th Annual Sur­vey:
Num­ber of vehi­cles enter­ing auc­tions (exclud­ing upstream sales) increased by 6.4% to 14.6M, and con­ver­sion per­cent­age was down 1.7%.

Dealer Con­sign­ment Vehi­cles Rep­re­sented Largest Num­ber of Units Sold at 58.4%:
Finance & Fleet (Lease/fleet/repo) at 34.5%, Man­u­fac­turer (Fac­tory) vehi­cles 6.6% and 0.5% from other sources.

2012 Sur­vey Reported Aver­age Pay­roll of $3.4M and con­tributes $13K annu­ally to Char­ity:
2011 sur­vey data revealed aver­age NAAA auc­tion mem­ber oper­ates an 8-lane facil­ity on 79 acres, and employs aver­age of 140 people.