Fisker Automotive Loses its Founder over Management Rifts


Founder and exec­u­tive chair­man Hen­rik Fisker has said it would have been “wrong to stay” at lux­ury plug-in hybrid maker Fisker Auto­mo­tive. His depar­ture last week was due to sev­eral major dis­agree­ments he’s had with the cur­rent exec­u­tive man­age­ment about the company’s busi­ness strat­egy. Soon after he left his posi­tion with the com­pany, Fisker Auto­mo­tive thanked him for his work, but said his depar­ture “is not expected to impact the Company’s pur­suit of strate­gic part­ner­ships and financing.”

While details haven’t been released, Fisker has likely been in con­flict with CEO Tony Posawatz, who not long ago played an impor­tant role as a devel­op­ment exec­u­tive for the Chevro­let Volt. Dan­ish designer Fisker was rec­og­nized for being tops in his field in recent years at BMW, Ford, and Aston Mar­tin – and it seemed to make sense to start up the new com­pany in 2007 under his name. His depar­ture is another blow for a com­pany that’s expe­ri­enced a long string of crises in the past year. Con­sumer Reports has had prob­lems with a Fisker Karma bat­tery pack dur­ing a test­ing expe­ri­ence and had more crit­i­cism of the car later in 2012. The com­pany has been entan­gled with the bank­ruptcy of its lithium-ion bat­tery sup­plier A123 Sys­tems. Another blow was los­ing sev­eral Kar­mas at a New Jer­sey port dur­ing Hur­ri­cane Sandy.