Fisker Automotive Loses its Founder over Management Rifts


Founder and executive chairman Henrik Fisker has said it would have been “wrong to stay” at luxury plug-in hybrid maker Fisker Automotive. His departure last week was due to several major disagreements he’s had with the current executive management about the company’s business strategy. Soon after he left his position with the company, Fisker Automotive thanked him for his work, but said his departure “is not expected to impact the Company’s pursuit of strategic partnerships and financing.”

While details haven’t been released, Fisker has likely been in conflict with CEO Tony Posawatz, who not long ago played an important role as a development executive for the Chevrolet Volt. Danish designer Fisker was recognized for being tops in his field in recent years at BMW, Ford, and Aston Martin – and it seemed to make sense to start up the new company in 2007 under his name. His departure is another blow for a company that’s experienced a long string of crises in the past year. Consumer Reports has had problems with a Fisker Karma battery pack during a testing experience and had more criticism of the car later in 2012. The company has been entangled with the bankruptcy of its lithium-ion battery supplier A123 Systems. Another blow was losing several Karmas at a New Jersey port during Hurricane Sandy.



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