DoE Has Slight Change of Heart

Green Car Reports - March 22, 2013

When is the last time you remember the Department of Energy making a reversal in a stand on anything, let along its funding practices?

Find out what energy source gains from their change of heart.

Four years ago, then-Energy Secretary Steven Chu was widely known as a skeptic about hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles.

Last summer, he appeared to relent — and now the DoE has said it will launch a campaign to promote hydrogen fueled cars, tentatively deemed H2USA.

One of the initiative’s tasks will be to advocate for funding and construction of the hydrogen refueling stations that will be needed if Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai bring hydrogen vehicles to market in 2015 or thereafter, as they have said they will.

Those automakers feel that hydrogen-fueled cars are still important as one way to travel with zero emissions without the range anxiety of most battery-electric vehicles today.

Not every global carmaker agrees; Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn said hydrogen cars are unviable as a future technology just two weeks ago.





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