Content is King in Social Media Marketing Messages

By Jacqueline Anderson

The key factor in judging performance and customer satisfaction with social media marketing messages is terrific content, according to the inaugural J.D. Power and Associates 2013 Social Media Benchmark Study.SM

Three major performance indicators that have been identified among top performing auto brands evaluated in the study are:

• Information needs to meet these criteria—content must be interesting, accessible and timely.

• Consumer engagement with brands across more than one social media platform correlates with higher customer satisfaction.

• The perceived trustworthiness of social media content has a positive influence on consumer satisfaction. Satisfaction is higher among consumers who share content from a brand’s Facebook page or Twitter account with their friends. As an industry, auto had the highest levels of content sharing.

To find out more about social media strategies, performance among brands, ways to improve social media programs and key performance indicators, please click on the press release for our 2013 Social Media Benchmark Study.

Jacqueline Anderson is director of social media and text analytics for J.D. Power and Associates. You can reach Jacqueline Anderson by email at Or follow her on Twitter @jaranderson.



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