Chevy Volt Saw Huge Sales Gain in 2012

Bloomberg News - March 12, 2013

GM’s Chevy Volt out­sold the Nis­san Leaf last year for the first time, as elec­tric cars and plug-ins gained as well, con­tin­ued gain pro­ject­ed into 2013.

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Deliv­er­ies of the Volt more than tripled to 30,090 units in 2012, the top sell­er among vehi­cles that need to be plugged in to a sock­et for recharg­ing, accord­ing to today’s report. It was fol­lowed by Toyota’s plug-in Prius, whose first-year sales of 27,181 units exceed­ed the 25,435 units of the Leaf, the leader in 2011, accord­ing to the [Bloomberg] report.

Total sales of all-elec­tric and plug-in vehi­cles, which more than dou­bled last year, will prob­a­bly increase 89 per­cent to 225,000 units in 2013, though that’s about one-third of the demand automak­ers had pre­vi­ous­ly expect­ed, accord­ing to the report. Nis­san Chief Exec­u­tive Offi­cer Car­los Ghosn, who’s fore­cast that elec­tric cars would account for at least 10 per­cent of auto sales by 2020, has strug­gled to attract con­sumers, with Leaf sales last year not even reach­ing half the num­ber the com­pa­ny had pre­vi­ous­ly tar­get­ed.

The U.S. account­ed for 46 per­cent of glob­al sales of elec­tric vehi­cles — includ­ing plug-in hybrids — while Japan and Europe were tied for sec­ond place with 23 per­cent, accord­ing to the report. Chi­na was the only mar­ket to shrink in 2012, [Bloomberg report] said.



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