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Reuters - March 11, 2013

The edi­tors at have released their list of the top 10 used cars that they rec­om­mend for shop­pers who are look­ing to spend around $10,000.

Find out which brands and mod­els they rec­om­mend.

  • 2006 Ford Escape: Ford’s first gen­er­a­tion crossover had truck-like styling but car-based under­pin­nings, and the dri­ving expe­ri­ence com­bined han­dling and ride com­fort in a way that few car-based crossovers of the Escape’s era could match.
  • 2008 Ford Focus: The Focus comes with safe­ty fea­tures like side cur­tain airbags and also Blue­tooth and USB/iPod inte­gra­tion, both of which were ahead of the curve for 2008. The car’s sharp han­dling dis­tin­guished it from many rivals, and it is offered in three body styles, pro­vid­ing an option for every­one.
  • 2007 Ford Freestyle: This bud­get-friend­ly fam­i­ly hauler comes with spa­cious seat­ing for sev­en pas­sen­gers and impres­sive car­go stor­age.
  • 2007 Ford Fusion: A respon­sive V-6 engine option and decent han­dling chops dis­tin­guished Ford’s mid­size fam­i­ly car. So did trunk room, which remains spa­cious even by today’s fam­i­ly-car stan­dards.
  • 2006 Hon­da Civic: The beloved eighth-gen­er­a­tion Civic’s inte­ri­or qual­i­ty, fuel effi­cien­cy and over­all dri­vabil­i­ty impressed so much that they still hold up today.
  • 2006 Hyundai Azera: A full-size sedan with upscale fea­tures, a big engine and big back­seats, the Azera packed a com­fort­able ride.
  • 2007 Hyundai Sonata: A fam­i­ly sedan with roomi­ness, safe­ty fea­tures and val­ue in spades. Years lat­er, a used exam­ple should still suit any shop­per well. Find one with the option­al 3.3-liter V-6 for mus­cu­lar pass­ing pow­er.
  • 2008 Kia Opti­ma: A cousin to the Hyundai Sonata, the Opti­ma had more avail­able lux­u­ry fea­tures, but less styling and a small­er engine. How­ev­er, a roomy back­seat and decent stan­dard safe­ty fea­tures round out a car whose suc­ces­sor won’s Best of 2011 award.
  • 2008 Nis­san Ver­sa: Nissan’s unex­pect­ed­ly roomy Ver­sa slips into tight city park­ing spots like any prop­er sub­com­pact should. A respon­sive trans­mis­sion com­bined with a larg­er four-cylin­der engine than most com­peti­tors’ pro­vides impres­sive pow­er.
  • 2007 Scion tC: Strengths includ­ed rich cab­in mate­ri­als and a respon­sive four-cylin­der engine; look for the avail­able five-speed man­u­al for more fun.



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