Auto Dealers Hiring Success – How to be a Pro!

By Gregory Gershman

With the giant upswing in busi­ness, now is the time to get out and hire a quan­ti­ty of qual­i­ty peo­ple with no bad habits.  Sounds easy, but here is the low down on mak­ing a suc­cess­ful cam­paign.

It starts with plan­ning peo­ple involved, num­ber of hires, map­ping out tim­ing, and research­ing the best adver­tis­ing sources.

Here are the play­ers, Sales Man­ag­er, Gen­er­al Man­ag­er, Human Resource Direc­tor, Sales Staff, Fixed Oper­a­tions Depart­ment Heads, last­ly any and all Recep­tion­ist or Greet­ing staff.

• First step is to assign duties, all Sales Depart­ment Man­age­ment need to be made avail­able to cov­er inter­views.  The impor­tant key to this step is to take inter­views as soon as they walk in, no wait­ing in the cor­ner until some­one gets free.  Each Man­ag­er must take shifts being com­plete­ly avail­able to talk to prospec­tive Sales Con­sul­tants, so no work­ing the desk and fit­ting in inter­views.

• Recep­tion­ists and Greeters must be made aware of the tim­ing, and one of them should be assigned to respond to any and all resumes, or calls imme­di­ate­ly.  An ini­tial meet­ing to train them to han­dle inbound requests and set inter­view appoint­ments, and then time train­ing on greet­ing prospec­tive Sales Con­sul­tants when they walk in.  Just like the cus­tomers call­ing, or com­ing through the door tim­ing and pro­fes­sion­al­ism is the key to suc­cess.

• For adver­tis­ing, a clear mes­sage cater­ing to the wants and desires of the peo­ple you want to hire have to be lined out.  Key points are growth, ben­e­fits like health care, 401k,  a real­is­tic poten­tial first year income, com­mu­ni­ty ties like time in busi­ness, vaca­tion and flex­i­ble sched­ules.  When con­sid­er­ing where to place the ad stick­ing to the web gets the most bang for your buck.  You will need to hit at least a few dozen job boards, like Craigslist, Indeed, Career­Builder, SnapJob, Sales Rook­ie, Mon­ster, Beyond to name a few, but this is just a place to start.  Folks shop all over the web when look­ing to gain employ­ment.

• Once these first steps are planned you need to pre­pare for the actu­al inter­views.  A writ­ten work­sheet with planned ques­tions is a must.  Take the time to plan ques­tions to test for skills, com­pet­i­tive spir­it, and desire or moti­va­tion.  Have plen­ty of appli­ca­tions on hand, be ready to log each per­son that comes in, every­one is an oppor­tu­ni­ty just like cus­tomers that come in to buy a car.  Be sure to check for the basics like driver’s license, back­ground, and drug use.  Many times you can find out as much as test­ing by sim­ply ask­ing.

Now you like them, want them, plan to make them suc­cess­ful.  A writ­ten week long train­ing pro­gram with Man­agers being able to step away from their dai­ly tasks is nec­es­sary to take these folks and move them to suc­cess.  Train­ing can­not be a thing fit in, as duties allow.  It takes time and effort, but is what makes the long term reward.

Gre­go­ry Ger­sh­man is Nation­al Sales Train­er and Recruiter at AutoMax Recruit­ing and Train­ing and can be reached by com­plet­ing the web­site con­tact form.



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