Auto Dealers Hiring Success – How to be a Pro!

By Gregory Gershman

With the giant upswing in business, now is the time to get out and hire a quantity of quality people with no bad habits.  Sounds easy, but here is the low down on making a successful campaign.

It starts with planning people involved, number of hires, mapping out timing, and researching the best advertising sources.

Here are the players, Sales Manager, General Manager, Human Resource Director, Sales Staff, Fixed Operations Department Heads, lastly any and all Receptionist or Greeting staff.

• First step is to assign duties, all Sales Department Management need to be made available to cover interviews.  The important key to this step is to take interviews as soon as they walk in, no waiting in the corner until someone gets free.  Each Manager must take shifts being completely available to talk to prospective Sales Consultants, so no working the desk and fitting in interviews.

• Receptionists and Greeters must be made aware of the timing, and one of them should be assigned to respond to any and all resumes, or calls immediately.  An initial meeting to train them to handle inbound requests and set interview appointments, and then time training on greeting prospective Sales Consultants when they walk in.  Just like the customers calling, or coming through the door timing and professionalism is the key to success.

• For advertising, a clear message catering to the wants and desires of the people you want to hire have to be lined out.  Key points are growth, benefits like health care, 401k,  a realistic potential first year income, community ties like time in business, vacation and flexible schedules.  When considering where to place the ad sticking to the web gets the most bang for your buck.  You will need to hit at least a few dozen job boards, like Craigslist, Indeed, CareerBuilder, SnapJob, Sales Rookie, Monster, Beyond to name a few, but this is just a place to start.  Folks shop all over the web when looking to gain employment.

• Once these first steps are planned you need to prepare for the actual interviews.  A written worksheet with planned questions is a must.  Take the time to plan questions to test for skills, competitive spirit, and desire or motivation.  Have plenty of applications on hand, be ready to log each person that comes in, everyone is an opportunity just like customers that come in to buy a car.  Be sure to check for the basics like driver’s license, background, and drug use.  Many times you can find out as much as testing by simply asking.

Now you like them, want them, plan to make them successful.  A written week long training program with Managers being able to step away from their daily tasks is necessary to take these folks and move them to success.  Training cannot be a thing fit in, as duties allow.  It takes time and effort, but is what makes the long term reward.

Gregory Gershman is National Sales Trainer and Recruiter at AutoMax Recruiting and Training and can be reached by completing the website contact form.



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