Who Will Win Range Anxiety Debate – Tesla Motors or New York Times?


The latest in the electric vehicle “range anxiety” squabble could be landing more on the side of Tesla Motors not long after a New York Times article stating that the mileage range was much less than what had been stated by Tesla. Times writer John Broder attempted to drive a Tesla Model S from Washington, DC to Boston using Tesla’s new SuperCharger network of fast-charging stations. He didn’t make it all the way and didn’t enjoy the drive, either.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted comments on Twitter, calling the article “fake.” He said that Broder didn’t fully recharge the battery pack and took a “long detour” he hadn’t written about. Tesla had access to the data logs onboard the Model S that Broder was driving and found a few details… there were nine separate points where the data logs contradict Broder’s published claims; cruise control wasn’t set at 54 mph as the writer claimed – he was going 65 to 81 miles per hour during that time; Broder’s time at the SuperCharger station was 47 minutes and not 58 and the additional 11 minutes could have delivered enough range for the rest of his journey. The battle continued for several days between the newspaper and the electric car company. We’ll have to see if it affects consumer opinion and purchase volume.



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