What Analysts Think About the Future of Electric Vehicle Sales

Global EV sales GAD

Time mag­a­zine ana­lyzed the cur­rent state of plug-in elec­tric vehi­cle sales and where they’re going next. There were no big sur­pris­es rev­eled in the sto­ry, but it’s always help­ful to take a look at what the ana­lysts see going on in the mar­ket­place

• A recent KPMG sur­vey of auto indus­try exec­u­tives found that most think plug-in hybrids like the Chevro­let Volt and Hon­da Accord plug-in hybrid have a greater chance than pure-elec­tric cars in gain­ing inter­est from con­sumers.
• Range anx­i­ety is the lead­ing con­cern for the Nis­san Leaf and its pure-bat­tery EV com­peti­tors. Dri­vers are also turned off by the ini­tial high price. It did help for Nis­san to reduce the base price of the new Leaf $6,400.
• Most of the auto ana­lysts think that the cheap­er price won’t be enough to bring change quick­ly. A recent JD Pow­er sur­vey found 94% of US divers say­ing their next car wouldn’t be a plug-in. Prices need to drop and over­all con­sumer per­cep­tions need to change, and that will take a while.
Oth­er need­ed trends for greater con­sumer adop­tion of EVs include gaso­line prices going up into the $6 to $7 per gal­lon range; the range needs to extend between charges; automak­ers teach­ing con­sumers EVs aren’t dif­fi­cult to own and oper­ate; charg­ing sta­tions are wide­spread and acces­si­ble; and there’s a lot more faster, or very fast, charg­ing.



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