VW Credit Reaches Record High for Contracts/Assets

Volkswagen Credit - February 6, 2013

VW Credit, Inc., captive finance partner of Volkswagen and Audi in the U.S., reports a record high number of new contracts in 2012.

Get the facts and figures on VW Credit’s amazing year!

VW Credit, Inc. (VCI), the captive finance partner of Volkswagen and Audi in the United States , increased the number of all new contracts signed by 28.3 percent in 2012 to 404,947, compared to 2011. The total number of current contracts increased by 13.4 percent to 950,873 – the highest amount ever. The number of total assets during the business year 2012 rose by 17.5 percent to the record level of $23 billion.

In the wholesale financing segment, the receivables from Volkswagen Group dealers increased 38.3 percent to $2.5 billion. This volume essentially covers the financing of vehicles in stock, plus equipment and investment loans.



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