Top Reasons Car Shoppers Leave Auto Dealerships Without Buying


Recent Study by CAR-Research XRM

CAR-Research XRM recently released find­ings from its study of the top rea­sons car buy­ers really leave the auto deal­er­ship with­out buying.

The study used a sam­pling pulled from Jan­u­ary 2012 through Decem­ber 2012 of 167,503 Inter­views with cus­tomers from over 150 auto deal­er­ships across the US, con­ducted by CAR Research XRM’s Cer­ti­fied Research Call Center.

In response to the ques­tion “Why did you leave the Deal­er­ship?” the generic answer “Still Shop­ping” ranked at 25% as the high­est sin­gle rea­son. How­ever, a full 48% of cus­tomers sur­veyed gave fur­ther details that they left because of a spe­cific rea­son that they were still shop­ping; includ­ing Price, Finan­cial, Inven­tory, and Style.

The sur­vey found the top rea­sons car shop­pers left with­out buy­ing to be as follows:

  • Still Shop­ping 25%
  • Price 15%
  • Finan­cial 13%
  • Inven­tory 10%
  • Style 10%
  • Pay­ments 5%
  • Other 5%
  • Sales Staff Issues 4%
  • Trade 4%
  • Deci­sion Maker Absent 3%

These results are taken from a sam­pling of 167,503 Inter­views from over 150 auto deal­ers pulled from Jan­u­ary 2012 through Decem­ber 2012.

Other key find­ings from the sur­vey include:

  • Items that ranked from 2–5 (Price, Finan­cial and Inven­tory) accounted for 38 per­cent of the rea­sons cited by cus­tomers for leav­ing a deal­er­ship with­out pur­chas­ing a vehicle.
  • The major­ity of these cus­tomers did receive key Road to Sale process steps while at the deal­er­ship, Includ­ing Prod­uct Pre­sen­ta­tion (79%), Demo Drive (62%), Ser­vice Intro­duc­tion and Walk (38%), and Man­ager TO Inter­view (52%).

Accord­ing to JD Pow­ers, today’s shop­pers only visit 1.4 deal­er­ships before pur­chase, DOWN from 4.5 in 2005. Show­room vis­i­tors come to the first deal­er­ship they visit more ready to buy than at any other time in mod­ern car sales his­tory: In other words, it’s not about Be-backs any more–it’s about being FIRST! And our own data from over four years shows that the ones that DO leave for other deal­er­ships left because of financ­ing, inven­tory, and price. Don’t let them leave for these reasons–it’s time to sharpen our processes and our sales skills!” said Patrick Kelly, CAR-Research Pres­i­dent and COO.

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