Spring Market Continues to be Unpredictable, Galves Says


Dan Galves
Galves Auto Price List

So far, 2013 illustrates the guesswork, stab-in-the-dark mode that’s become the norm in “spring market” forecasting; not long ago, a very solid, stable, and predictable market began mid-to-late January and continued through May; it would be easy to focus on a few of the extreme prices being paid for special vehicles lately that hit the hot buttons.

Click Here for Galves Market Conditions – Feb 2013

Rare, Unique Vehicles Chased Hard but Very Small Market Segment:
Right color, excellent condition, highly optioned equipment, low mileage, and rare.

Still Dealing With Post-Sandy Conditions:
Whatever the reason, market is weaker than normal for many segments and it may continue for a while.

Higher Volume Luxury Models Still Lagging:
Particularly shaky continues to be European and Asian luxury market.



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