Reputation Management – Bank Positive Reviews!

Reputation Management

By Sean Buda

Reputation Management on the internet is becoming more and more prevalent with many consumers becoming familiar with social media and search engine reviews. The importance of moving from a reactive to proactive attack is more important than ever.

You should to take the time to do a Google Search of your company and read what consumers have to say about your business. If you’re not satisfied with the results of your search, consider how you can encourage satisfied customers to give positive feedback on their experience. Also, consider if you do not have a lot of reviews, what a few negatives ones would do to your reputation. Now is the time to build a bank of positive reviews!

Ten free or inexpensive ways to help improve your Online Reputation

1. Requesting a review at time business is conducted than a follow-up email sent to the customer though your CRM to remind them either that same day or within 24 hours of their purchase.

2. Have you done any Business-to-Business sales lately? Exchanging good reviews is a win-win for both organizations.

3. Have you donated to a local community? Can the individual in charge of the organization take a few minutes to thank you via a review?

4. Do you sponsor a local little league team or sporting event that the coach or organizer can post a quick review, thanking you for the sponsorship?

5. Sales Consultants are already following up after the sale. This is a great time to ask a satisfied consumer to review both their performance and the business. It’s free and will act as a great e-business card for your sales staff.

6. Create a Social Media website as a landing page with instructions on how to create a review.

7. Inexpensive Blog pages such as create a portal for testimonials or a landing page for instructions on how to do an online review (Great for website optimization in web searches). These pages may also help bury competitive sites that show up on web searches along with your site.

8. Can a well satisfied customer do a review on their smart phone while you finish off the paperwork? Can you direct them there using a QR Code?

9. Can an employee review the business with something good the business has done for their family? Maybe donated to their charity or given a scholarship to their child? Let’s show the community a business that takes care of their people!

10. Did you have a summer intern that can thank you for an excellent experience and explain what they learned?

 By Sean Buda , owner Caffeine for Closers and can be reached at



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