Post Game Analysis of Auto Ads Cites Shopper Impact

Jumpstart Automotive Group - February 7, 2013

Jumpstart Automotive Group has released highlights of its fourth annual Super Bowl Advertising ROI Analysis with interesting results.

Find out who scored the highest among automakers.

Lincoln, with its ad “Phoenix” that featured the sleek MKZ sedan emerging from the desert, scored the biggest points with online car shoppers, leaping 63 percent in share over the prior week and nearly three times as much as the next closest automotive advertiser.

Hyundai Santa Fe’s hilarious ads “Team” and “Epic Playdate” combined kids with comedy to great effect, while Fiat 500’s “Sisters” and “Topless” commercials used ‘sexy’ to sell its L and Abarth models. Both brands saw the second and third greatest Sunday/Monday share of shopper gains over the same time frame the prior week, with increases of 24 percent and 15 percent respectively.

Toyota’s humorous and wacky wish-granting spot for the RAV4 (13 percent) and Hyundai Sonata’s “Stuck” (12 percent), featuring clever driving situations in which the Sonata turbo helps a couple get ‘unstuck’, rounded out the top five increases in share of shoppers across Jumpstart’s partner network of automotive sites. Interestingly enough, Fiat saw an increase in share of shoppers even though both of the automaker’s commercials aired during pre-game.

Three of the top five advertisers ran multiple commercials (Lincoln, Hyundai and Fiat).  Kia followed suit with ads for the Sorento and Forte, yet the automaker saw a half percent decrease in share of shoppers despite its multi-spot investment.





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