Post Game Analysis of Auto Ads Cites Shopper Impact

Jumpstart Automotive Group - February 7, 2013

Jump­start Auto­mo­tive Group has released high­lights of its fourth annu­al Super Bowl Adver­tis­ing ROI Analy­sis with inter­est­ing results.

Find out who scored the high­est among automak­ers.

Lin­coln, with its ad “Phoenix” that fea­tured the sleek MKZ sedan emerg­ing from the desert, scored the biggest points with online car shop­pers, leap­ing 63 per­cent in share over the pri­or week and near­ly three times as much as the next clos­est auto­mo­tive adver­tis­er.

Hyundai San­ta Fe’s hilar­i­ous ads “Team” and “Epic Play­date” com­bined kids with com­e­dy to great effect, while Fiat 500’s “Sis­ters” and “Top­less” com­mer­cials used ‘sexy’ to sell its L and Abarth mod­els. Both brands saw the sec­ond and third great­est Sunday/Monday share of shop­per gains over the same time frame the pri­or week, with increas­es of 24 per­cent and 15 per­cent respec­tive­ly.

Toyota’s humor­ous and wacky wish-grant­i­ng spot for the RAV4 (13 per­cent) and Hyundai Sonata’s “Stuck” (12 per­cent), fea­tur­ing clever dri­ving sit­u­a­tions in which the Sonata tur­bo helps a cou­ple get ‘unstuck’, round­ed out the top five increas­es in share of shop­pers across Jumpstart’s part­ner net­work of auto­mo­tive sites. Inter­est­ing­ly enough, Fiat saw an increase in share of shop­pers even though both of the automaker’s com­mer­cials aired dur­ing pre-game.

Three of the top five adver­tis­ers ran mul­ti­ple com­mer­cials (Lin­coln, Hyundai and Fiat).  Kia fol­lowed suit with ads for the Soren­to and Forte, yet the automak­er saw a half per­cent decrease in share of shop­pers despite its mul­ti-spot invest­ment.





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