NY Mayor Pushes for EV Charge Parking Spaces

Green Car Reports - February 15, 2013

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has switched gears, from soda pop limitations to increasing charge parking spaces in his city.

Find out how Bloomberg plans to make it happen.

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants a fifth of all new parking spaces to be wired up for, and set aside for electric vehicles.

According to Transportation Nation, Bloomberg’s prepared notes for Thursday’s State of the City address said electric car spaces would be written into city building codes.

“This year we’ll pilot curbside vehicle chargers that will allow drivers to fill up their battery in as little as 30 minutes. We’ll work with the City Council to amend the Building Code so that up to 20 percent of all new public parking spaces will be wired and ready for electric vehicles.”

Zoning laws in the city require parking spaces to be built with every new building–typically, under or next to the building.

10,000 spaces per year are created this way, and around a fifth of those may now be set aside for electric cars. If the proposal goes ahead, over 10,000 new electric vehicle spaces would be created over the next seven years.



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