Nissan Talks about the Benefits of Winning Dataium ASI Awards

Dataium recently announced its first annual ASI™ (Automotive Shopper Intensity) Awards in 21 automotive segments. Automotive Digest interviewed one of the multiple winners – Nissan – for more information on what winning such an award means for an automaker and its dealer network. Vinay Shahani, Director, Marketing Communications & Media for Nissan North America, Inc., said that 2012 was a huge year for the company with new product launches and powerful messaging. Nissan and Infiniti won three awards – the Nissan 370Z took Compact Luxury Sports Car, the Nissan Maxima won Large Car, and the Infiniti QX Series finished first in Large Luxury Crossover SUV.

The ASI index provides automakers with a comprehensive forecast of consumer intent and shopper intensity. Winning these awards provides Nissan with third party validation that the company is offering very good products. Consumers are doing a lot of research these days, and winning these awards gives Nissan good indication it’s going in the right direction in digital and internet marketing, which is where customers are shopping now, Shahani said. In this dynamically optimized environment, you have to provide unique selling points that consumers are looking for; for example, if it’s pricing data, you can now provide it, he said.

To strengthen its digital marketing, Nissan has prioritized paid search behavioral targeting and third part automotive sites. Mobile and tablet execution and conquesting are part of the strategy. Winning the Dataium awards is a good sign that the marketing tactics are working well. “We’re thrilled to have won it, but don’t get to sit on our laurels,” Shahani said. Nissan’s corporate office and its dealers network are adding telling the story of winning these awards into the marketing process. “We can talk about receiving third-party validation, and here’s why,” he said.

Click here to read more about this year’s Dataium ASI Award winners.



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