Launch Pad Release Comes with Free Trial of Indentifix Direct-Hit

Launch Tech USA has launched its latest scan tool, the X431 Launch Pad – which the company says is the absolute fastest scan tool, from diagnostics to repair, right at the vehicle. With this new scan tool come a free trial of Indentifix Direct-Hit and offers the latest in OBDII wireless technology.

With its large 9.7-inch IPS color touch screen and Windows 7, multiple applications can be utilized simultaneously and at blazing speeds on the Launch Pad. Performance is further optimized with an automatic vehicle ID and module search feature, greatly reducing the technician’s guesswork and diagnostic time.

The Launch Pad also boasts the latest in OBDII wireless technology with a patented communications chip that utilizes LPT (Large Packet Transfer) Technology, offering the fastest and most stable OBD wireless diagnostics experience in the industry.

The Launch Pad’s efficiency is further enhanced with a 30-Day Free Trial of Indentifix Direct-Hit. The Identifix Direct-Hit features an integral application that automatically identifies the vehicle through the OBD data. Utilizing symptom or DTC information, Identifix Direct-Hit displays experienced based confirmed known fixes right on the spot.



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