Hyundai Assurance Program a Good Example of Selling Service Experience

Hyundai and its deal­er net­work are telling con­sumers about good rea­sons for stop­ping by deal­er­ships and check­ing out the own­er­ship expe­ri­ence. The Hyundai Assur­ance pro­gram is a big part of that sto­ry, as it includes exten­sive vehi­cle and pow­er­train war­ranties, along with road­side assis­tance. The Chap­man Hyundai deal­er­ship, based in Phoenix, has sent out a review of the updat­ed pro­grams for cus­tomers:

5-year/60,000-mile new vehi­cle war­ran­ty
With the fol­low­ing time and mileage lim­its – three years/36,000 miles for radio and audio sys­tems, paint, and bat­tery; one year/unlimited miles for air refrig­er­ant charge; and one year/12,000 miles for adjust­ments and wear items.

10-year/100,000-mile pow­er­train war­ran­ty
Cov­er­age applies to orig­i­nal own­er only, effec­tive with 2004 mod­el year and new­er mod­el-year vehi­cles. On 1999–2003 mod­el years, cov­er­age applies to orig­i­nal own­er and imme­di­ate fam­i­ly mem­bers.

24/7 road­side assis­tance
Avail­able for up to five years; tows vehi­cle to near­est Hyundai deal­er­ship or autho­rized ser­vice facil­i­ty if vehi­cle is inop­er­a­ble, even for non-war­ran­ty-relat­ed tows, such as acci­dents.

Car care
High-qual­i­ty parts, fac­to­ry-trained tech­ni­cians, and free mul­ti-point inspec­tions all help to ensure that the new Hyundai remain in tip-top shape.



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