Huge O.T.D. Outbreak Reported in North America!

By Joe Verde

Everyone in sales, management and even dealers, please be aware of yet another outbreak of O.T.D. [Old Timers Disease] in North America.

Description: O.T.D. is a highly contagious disease that affects thousands of salespeople, managers and dealers. This toxic disease drastically lowers the afflicted person’s ability and performance by causing a breakdown of their logic functions of the brain which destroys enthusiasm and confidence. This breakdown erodes the person’s ability to make rational and intelligent sales, sales management, and career decisions.

This breakdown results in consistently irrational decisions and the negative fallout results in even further decay in thought processes. The combination of the disease and these poor decisions results in the destruction of an individual’s self-esteem, skill levels and their chances for future success.

How is it Transmitted? It was once thought the negatives that cause this disease would go in one ear and all of
the negative would come out the other ear with no brain damage. It has since been proven that this disease can
be transmitted by even minor contact with an infected person through conversations, body language and even
through visual contact from over hundreds of feet away.

Treatment of the Disease: Proper treatment and improvement will depend on the progression of the disease:

  •  Stage 1
    At this point, a person hears the negatives from others but does not believe, “There’s nothing that can be done.” Treatment: Staying at least 20 paces from negative salespeople (and managers) will cure Stage 1, especially as sales increase.
  •  Stage 2
    Unfortunately at this stage, a person believes that sales and success in the car business are completely out of their control because of the market, weather, economy, etc. and that there’s nothing at all they can do about it. They’re on a downward slide in their profession.
  •  Stage 3
    No known cure for Stage 3. Recommendation: Remove them immediately from the dealership to prevent further infection.

Joe Verde, President of Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, can be reached at Read the full article and find out what Joe recommends as a solution.



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