How to Track Your Pre-Owned Inventory


By Shawn Clos

Here is a simple, cheap and highly effective way to track your reconditioning time, and also your pre-owned vehicle “times shown”.

It all starts when the vehicle is taken into inventory.

• The sales consultant is responsible for building the pocket file folder and filling out the service inspection form, pulling the CarFax report, printing off an NADA report, making sure that the vehicle has a minimum of a ¼ tank of gas and 2-sets of keys.

• On the front of each folder there is an attached sheet that was created in Excel with the following information on it: Stock# Year Make Model Date in Date to Service Date to Detail Date Completed Date Sales Consultant Demo Show Comments

• Once the folder is completed it is then handed to the sales manager who arranges the vehicle to go into service. The sales manager then gives the completed folder to a service writer and the folder follows the vehicle thru the reconditioning process.

• When the vehicle returns back and is front row ready it is then determined whether the 72 hour time frame was pass or fail. Now that the vehicle is out on the lot and ready to be shown. When it is time to show the vehicle the sales consultant then comes to the desk pulls the folder and checks out the vehicle.

• Once sales consultant returns back they can check the folder back in and write in any comments that may need to be logged concerning the vehicles condition. Also, by having the folders close to the sales manager’s desk he/she can make sure that no client is getting out the door without having the opportunity to talk with them.

• You also can review the folders very quickly and see what vehicles have had action and what vehicles have not. For the vehicles that have not had any action I would suggest you can go out and walk the vehicle to make sure that everything is front row ready.

At this point you can make the determination whether you want to keep the vehicle or wholesale it. As you can see this can be a highly effective tool when used properly. If you have any questions or would like for me to email you a copy of an example of one that has been used just let me know.

Shawn Clos is president at Dealerslice Inc. and can be reached at




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