How to Track Your Pre-Owned Inventory


By Shawn Clos

Here is a sim­ple, cheap and high­ly effec­tive way to track your recon­di­tion­ing time, and also your pre-owned vehi­cle “times shown”.

It all starts when the vehi­cle is tak­en into inven­to­ry.

• The sales con­sul­tant is respon­si­ble for build­ing the pock­et file fold­er and fill­ing out the ser­vice inspec­tion form, pulling the Car­Fax report, print­ing off an NADA report, mak­ing sure that the vehi­cle has a min­i­mum of a ¼ tank of gas and 2-sets of keys.

• On the front of each fold­er there is an attached sheet that was cre­at­ed in Excel with the fol­low­ing infor­ma­tion on it: Stock# Year Make Mod­el Date in Date to Ser­vice Date to Detail Date Com­plet­ed Date Sales Con­sul­tant Demo Show Com­ments

• Once the fold­er is com­plet­ed it is then hand­ed to the sales man­ag­er who arranges the vehi­cle to go into ser­vice. The sales man­ag­er then gives the com­plet­ed fold­er to a ser­vice writer and the fold­er fol­lows the vehi­cle thru the recon­di­tion­ing process.

• When the vehi­cle returns back and is front row ready it is then deter­mined whether the 72 hour time frame was pass or fail. Now that the vehi­cle is out on the lot and ready to be shown. When it is time to show the vehi­cle the sales con­sul­tant then comes to the desk pulls the fold­er and checks out the vehi­cle.

• Once sales con­sul­tant returns back they can check the fold­er back in and write in any com­ments that may need to be logged con­cern­ing the vehi­cles con­di­tion. Also, by hav­ing the fold­ers close to the sales manager’s desk he/she can make sure that no client is get­ting out the door with­out hav­ing the oppor­tu­ni­ty to talk with them.

• You also can review the fold­ers very quick­ly and see what vehi­cles have had action and what vehi­cles have not. For the vehi­cles that have not had any action I would sug­gest you can go out and walk the vehi­cle to make sure that every­thing is front row ready.

At this point you can make the deter­mi­na­tion whether you want to keep the vehi­cle or whole­sale it. As you can see this can be a high­ly effec­tive tool when used prop­er­ly. If you have any ques­tions or would like for me to email you a copy of an exam­ple of one that has been used just let me know.

Shawn Clos is pres­i­dent at Deal­er­slice Inc. and can be reached at




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