Game Changer: Project Glass from Google


Driving Sales - February 20, 2013

Set to hit the mar­ket within 18–24 months, Google will enable con­sumers to shop for their next vehi­cle with “wear­able com­put­ers” via an Android oper­at­ing system.

You will want to watch this video!

We’re on the verge of expe­ri­enc­ing some­thing truly remark­able when Google finally releases it’s Project Glass prod­uct. (Within 18–24 months) Wear­able com­put­ers are surely to become the next big thing as this is the first viable prod­uct that can bring together what Google has been build­ing over the last sev­eral years. With their Android oper­at­ing sys­tem at the core, Project Glass inte­grates Google hang­outs, chat and Google Maps — among other things!

Now, imag­ine how this con­cept of wear­able com­put­ers will change the way con­sumers shop for vehi­cles with greater ease than with mobile devices, share their dri­ving expe­ri­ences (shar­ing test dri­ves with oth­ers) and espe­cially com­par­ing vehi­cle prices and features.

Check out this incred­i­ble video show­ing exactly what Google Glass is capa­ble of. I want my pair now!