Game Changer: Project Glass from Google

Driving Sales - February 20, 2013

Set to hit the market within 18-24 months, Google will enable consumers to shop for their next vehicle with “wearable computers” via an Android operating system.

You will want to watch this video!

We’re on the verge of experiencing something truly remarkable when Google finally releases it’s Project Glass product. (Within 18-24 months) Wearable computers are surely to become the next big thing as this is the first viable product that can bring together what Google has been building over the last several years. With their Android operating system at the core, Project Glass integrates Google hangouts, chat and Google Maps – among other things!

Now, imagine how this concept of wearable computers will change the way consumers shop for vehicles with greater ease than with mobile devices, share their driving experiences (sharing test drives with others) and especially comparing vehicle prices and features.

Check out this incredible video showing exactly what Google Glass is capable of. I want my pair now!



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