Ford Responds To CR Scrutiny of Turbocharged Engines

The Detroit Bureau - February 6, 2013

A recent report by Consumer Reports magazine indicates turbos (turbocharged engines) are more hype than help, generally failing to deliver.

Ford Motor Company disagrees with their analysis.

“We cannot answer for how Consumer Reports tested the Fusion, but its findings are not consistent with our internal and external feedback. It shows EcoBoost vehicles lead in customer satisfaction for fuel economy across segments – including surveys by J.D. Power,” asserts Said [Mr.] Deep, Ford’s product technology spokesman.

Ford has heavily invested in its EcoBoost system, offering a variety of different versions on a wide range of models. It plans to offer the technology on 80% of the vehicles it sells in the U.S. by mid-decade, from the little Fiesta all the way up to the big F-Series truck. But Ford isn’t the only maker disputing Consumer Reports’ latest test results.

Hyundai, which uses turbocharging on a wide range of its own products, has also raised a flag. In fact, it believes CR has shown that its claims for real-world mileage, “in fact do correlate nicely” with official EPA fuel economy figures.



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