Fleet Sales Manager Describes Charger and EV Dealer Program


AeroVironment made a major announcement at the National Automobile Dealers Association convention – the electric vehicle charging station maker is now offering a dealer program where new car buyers can purchase a Level 2 240-volt residential charging station. Those buying a battery electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid have the option of financing the charger in combination with the vehicle at the time of sale. Dealers can now offer a one-stop shop experience for EV drivers.

Dealers can offer various “bumper-to-bumper” warranty options for the chargers that match the financing terms of the vehicle. Chargers bought through the dealer program are installed by a licensed electrician certified in EV charging installation in all 50 states.

“The AeroVironment dealer program provides a complete, seamless experience for our customers,” said James Azzaro, commercial vehicle sales manager at John Howard Motors, a Nissan dealer in Morgantown, WV. Azzaro is talking to universities and municipalities about purchasing Leafs and charging stations. Campuses have the most interest in it right now, as it goes well with the progressive environment they’re interested in enhancing for students. He’s looking forward to Nissan’s electric passenger van coming to market in the next year or two, which will have interest with fleets.

Azzaro has already sold a few of these Leafs and charging packages to consumers. Partnering with AeroVironment has allowed the dealership to provide excellent customer service. Customers are informed about their options for AeroVironment charging stations and the $1,000 federal tax credit available for the charger. Customers are very informed about their options and want to know more about the ownership experience from the dealer. They tend to see the benefits of installing the Level 2 charging station instead of the “trickle” charger – the standard 110 volt charger, Azzaro said.



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