Five Tips for Motivating Employees

By Mike Gorun

Loy­al­ty pro­grams are only as good as your employ­ees make them.  The best loy­al­ty pro­gram­ming in the world still requires staff buy-in to make it work. If a cur­rent pro­gram isn’t work­ing, deal­ers should take a clos­er look at their cul­ture and cre­ate strate­gies to devel­op a pos­i­tive work envi­ron­ment and moti­vat­ed employ­ees. Here’s how to get start­ed:

1. Find out what’s impor­tant to your employ­ees.
The best way to do this is to con­duct an anony­mous sur­vey. Not every­one is inter­est­ed in great pay and ben­e­fits. Once basic needs are met, many peo­ple val­ue things like recog­ni­tion, advance­ment oppor­tu­ni­ties and train­ing. Ask for sug­ges­tions.

2. Pay well.
Find out what your com­pe­ti­tion is pay­ing and try to pay a lit­tle bit bet­ter. Give your employ­ees oppor­tu­ni­ties for spiffs and perks, and put them in writ­ing. Since ben­e­fits are impor­tant, offer the best you can afford. Here’s the thing: the best employ­ees know they are good, and they will always be look­ing for a place to work that offers good pay and ben­e­fits. Also, make sure your employ­ees take their vaca­tion days. Most peo­ple need time off to recharge so they don’t burn out.

3. Show your appre­ci­a­tion.
Thank and reward employ­ees for a job well done. Gifts don’t have to be extrav­a­gant; it could be a pair of movie tick­ets or a free lunch once a week to the employ­ee who has put in the most effort that week. Com­mend them with cer­tifi­cates or let­ters of thanks. Have an employ­ee of the month and of the year. Remem­ber their birth­days and give them a card.

4. Help them with goals.
Pro­mote employ­ees from with­in when­ev­er pos­si­ble, and help them iden­ti­fy a career path with­in your com­pa­ny. Most peo­ple don’t want to feel “stuck” in one posi­tion for­ev­er. Empow­er your employ­ees to make deci­sions, set their own goals and then hold them account­able.

5. Make them feel like they’re part of a team.
A team can be the entire com­pa­ny or depart­ments with­in the com­pa­ny. Some friend­ly com­pe­ti­tion amongst teams can help moti­vate and boost ener­gy lev­els. Make it clear how each person’s role con­tributes to the company’s goals, and there­fore their goals.

Mike Gorun, Man­ag­ing Part­ner at Medi­a­Trac can be reached via the con­tact page.




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