Black Book Looks at February Trends and What’s Coming Next


Black Book’s managing editor Ricky Beggs has analyzed used vehicle pricing data for February, along with providing an outlook on upcoming market trends…

Overall, car and truck prices are down on an annual, quarterly, and monthly basis, but cars had saw a wider decline. Cars are down 14.3% since a year ago, down 4.3% during the past three months, and 0.9% month-over-month. Trucks dropped 11.1% in price from the previous year, 2.2% on a quarterly basis, and 0.7% for the month.
One segment of the market did pretty well – vehicles in the under-$10,000 range saw price increases during February. That was spurred partially by seasonal buying habits leveraging anticipated tax returns, and more so by positive price adjustments in fuel-efficient and small crossover segements.
Black Book expects that additional growth in new-car sales from pent-up demand will bring in more trade-in volume and contribute to continued slow easing of prices at the wholesale level.
Fuel-efficient segments should gain from an increase in springtime fuel prices, while pickups and small crossovers should also gain traction as service sectors purchase more vehicles for continued construction activity.



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