5 Ways To Prepare Your Dealership For Search Graph Now!

By Eric Miltsch

Graph Search will usher in a new age of optimization. Sure, we may be familiar with the efforts involved with “optimizing our website” or “optimizing for Google” – and now we have the opportunity to wrap out heads around a new beast: “optimizing for social search.” Graph Search will improve a brand’s digital reach while also improving engagement with Facebook users.

Graph Search is a Natural Language Search Engine, letting you create and mix common phrases to find anything that has already been shared on Facebook:

So, how should your dealership be prepared and optimize your Facebook pages for Graph Search?

• Be sure the primary fields are completed and updated with the most current info: Dealership name, category, vanity URL and most importantly, a robust About section – each item is part of the information that what will help Facebook users find your business.

• Update your address on your local places page – this will help you dealership show up when people use a search query for a specific location.

• Build your fans organically, based on specific geographic areas rather than taking a shortcut and simply buying fans and likes – the more likes you have from real people the better chances your chance will be for showing up in search results. Having thousands of bogus people like your page who reside in Malaysia will not help your dealership within Graph Search. (Besides, that’s such a lazy marketing solution and it’s a complete waste of money)

• Integrate your social messages with the rest of your marketing communications – include your customer activity and their moments within your content marketing. These connections will increase the chances for your dealership name to be included in Graph Search phrases.

• Know that this is still early! More changes and enhancements will come: paid options, Graph API expansion to open searches to websites making other sites truly interactive and of course, additional mobile functionality.

Search Graph will change dealership marketing opportunities, but first we must change the way we think about Facebook and the way people use it. Facebook’s potential to provide true utility is enormous. This will be a slow transformation, but one that will inevitably happen.

Read the entire blog post by Eric Miltsch, Director of Product Strategy at DrivingSales. He can be reached at eric.miltsch@drivingsales.com.




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