4 Content Ideas For Your Car Dealer Website


By Greg Gifford

If you’re one of the dealers who’s actively trying to be the best online, you’ve probably got someone doing your SEO for you, and you won’t have to worry about it. If you’re doing your own SEO or if you’re just learning about it here are some solid ideas that will help you create unique, useful content that your customers will love (and if you’ve got someone doing your SEO for you, it will help you be more proactive in working with your SEO team).

• Cost Comparisons

We all know that your customers don’t just decide to buy a car, then jump online and buy the first car they find online. They’re going to shop around, and check out multiple cars and multiple dealerships. Why not offer your years of experience and write some content about used car pricing strategies? Explain how the KBB values relate to actual vehicles, talk about why 2 dealers may have very similar cars for very different prices, explain how trade-ins work. Remember, most consumers only buy a handful of cars in a lifetime, so it’s a very unfamiliar process for most of your customers – help them understand the process.

• Model Comparisons

Again, we know that your customers will do a significant amount of research before buying. When they’re trying to decide what they want to buy, they’re going to look for information that will compare similar models. Why not provide that information on your site? If you always carry certain models, explain why you carry those models and why they’re better than other similar trim levels or brands. If you specialize in a specific type of inventory, get granular and give detailed comparisons of the different models. Think about what customers will search for… if they’re buying a truck, don’t you think they’ll do a search for something like “Ford vs. Chevrolet” or “Ford F-150 vs. Ram 1500″?

•Guides and Tip Sheets

It’ll take more time to put a guide or tip sheet together, but many times, it’s worth the time investment. If you’ve got a service department, you want to find ways to build up your service customers, and offering free guides is a great way to do just that. Publish guides that walk customers through simple maintenance tasks: How to Change Your Oil, How To Change A Flat Tire, How To Jump Your Battery, just to name a few. Your customers will thank you for sharing useful information, and since your service department number will be on every page, they’re that much more likely to call you when a maintenance or repair issue pops up. Even better, once you’ve posted them on your site, they can be useful for years to come.

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