What Does Fuel Cell Alliance Mean for Near Future?

Fuel cell Mercedes

Hydro­gen fuel cell vehi­cles have been on the hori­zon for a long time now with very lit­tle in end results. Honda has sold a very small num­ber of FCX Clar­ity fuel cell cars since putting them on the mar­ket, and the same is true of the Mercedes-Benz F-Cell lux­ury car. It was some­what sur­pris­ing to see a major alliance declared between Daim­ler, Ford, and Nis­san to develop a com­mon fuel cell sys­tem that could lead to an afford­able fuel cell car by 2017. Fuel cell engines pro­duce elec­tric­ity through a cat­alytic mem­brane where an elec­tric gets stripped from hydro­gen to power the car. The waste prod­uct is only water that comes out of the tailpipe. Some ana­lysts think it has the great­est poten­tial for green trans­porta­tion – yet the cost for pro­duc­tion and installing hydro­gen fuel­ing sta­tions is huge. The chal­lenges are there, yet these three global automak­ers may be pre­pared to invest.


  • War­ren Patrick

    Seems like a no brainer to me. Zero emmis­sions. The end of the inter­nal com­bus­tion engine as we know it!

    It is time to move on. Big oil will never let this happen.

    The admin­is­tra­tion will never pump enough money into the infra­struc­ture to help it sur­vive a glim­mer of hope.

    I am all for it — the whole hybrid/electric thing is the wrong approach.