Via Motors and Bob Lutz Showing Off Three New Extended Range Models in Detroit

Via Motors e-REV

Via Motors, which has been sup­ported by GM’s ex-chair and Chevro­let Volt advo­cate Bob Lutz, will be unveil­ing three new full-size elec­tric vehi­cles at the Detroit Auto Show this month. Beyond its plug-in hybrid pickup, the range of extended range vehi­cles will include a high per­for­mance, four-wheel drive truck with up to 800 horse­power. Other offer­ings include a lux­ury 4WD SUV, and an extended range 12-passenger van.

With Via’s existing models based on Chevrolet vehicles, some analysts think that it’s likely the new models will follow suit, based on models like the Suburban and Express. Via’s strategic approach is to electrify the more gas-guzzling vehicles on the market, bringing about the greatest improvements over the standard models. Naturally, emissions are reduced, as well as fuel cost. This should be very attractive to fleet managers, as long as the cost per mile expense is competitive with other vehicles on the market. Certain consumers might take to it as well, especially those who’ve grown up driving only light truck models, and look forward to saving big on fuel expenses.



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