Smaller Vehicles Apparent on Auto Show Floor

NBC News - January 15, 2013

As the indus­try moves toward small­er vehi­cles with bet­ter fuel econ­o­my, small crossovers like the Hon­da Urban can be seen at the Detroit Auto Show.

Find out what’s com­ing down the tube for auto shop­pers.

The North Amer­i­can Inter­na­tion­al Auto Show is expect­ed to be dom­i­nat­ed by sub­com­pact and com­pact SUVs and crossovers.

Two years after end­ing pro­duc­tion of the inten­tion­al­ly ugly-duck­ling boxy Ele­ment, Hon­da showed the Urban SUV Con­cept, a thin­ly dis­guised look at a new small crossover that will slot in below the CR-V in the Hon­da line­up at the Detroit auto show. Key com­peti­tors will be the quirky Nis­san Juke and the Fiat 500L, a super­size ver­sion of the diminu­tive Fiat 500.

Hon­da said the Urban will use its Earth Dreams Tech­nol­o­gy for increased fuel effi­cien­cy. Inside, it will fea­ture a lay­out that is sim­i­lar to the Fit, includ­ing its trick Mag­ic­Seat, which can be con­fig­ured for a vari­ety of pas­sen­ger and car­go options. Hon­da did not show the vehicle’s inte­ri­or, but said it will be mod­ern and fea­ture the lat­est telem­at­ics tech­nol­o­gy.



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