Service Technicians Name Top 10 Damaging Mistakes Drivers Make

Auto Technicians

Car­MD reached out to its ASE-cer­ti­fied mas­ter tech com­mit­tee to con­firm the top 10 most dam­ag­ing mis­takes dri­vers make. Car­MD thinks this infor­ma­tion will help con­sumers save mon­ey in the long run and plan bet­ter as they care for what is often their sec­ond largest pur­chase.

1. Putting off recommended/scheduled main­te­nance;
2. Ignor­ing the check engine light;
3. Not chang­ing the oil, or not hav­ing it changed on time;
4. Not check­ing tire pres­sures;
5. Neglect­ing coolant, brake, trans­mis­sion and oth­er flu­id ser­vices;
6. Con­tin­u­ing to dri­ve when the vehi­cle is over­heat­ing;
7. Not chang­ing fuel and air fil­ters;
8. Hav­ing unqual­i­fied shops ser­vice their vehi­cle;
9. Using gener­ic after­mar­ket parts instead of OEM-qual­i­ty parts; and
10. Try­ing to ser­vice their own high-tech vehi­cle.

Tech­ni­cians say fail­ing to change oil has been the sin­gle most dam­ag­ing car main­te­nance item that cus­tomers neglect. “Camshaft actu­a­tors can freeze when restrict­ed by dirty oil, and a faulty camshaft actu­a­tor can in turn cause the check engine light to illu­mi­nate, result­ing in com­plete engine fail­ure if ignored for too long,” the report said.



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