Nashville Dealer Shares Experience on Selling Leafs to Highly-Educated Customers


Plug-in electric vehicles haven’t been selling in high volumes, but the metal is starting to move – about three times as many in 2012 as 2011. Dealers play a big part in closing the deal, as most consumers are skeptical about the new technology and its practicality. For Nissan dealer Broderick Alley of Downtown Nashville Nissan, it’s knowing how to answer questions coming a from a very educated customer base.

Leaf customers walk into the dealership knowing they want to buy a Leaf, but need to talk to dealer staff to ensure it’s right for their typical driving range, that they like the feel of the car, and that they can afford it. They want to replace a current gas guzzling car and are serious about the Leaf. Nissan says most people are relieved to find out how easily the range for most drivers – about 73 miles from a charge – meets their daily needs, and acknowledges the limited range still puts some people off.

Leasing is taking away some of the worry, too. Favorable lease rates are bringing the cost down to as much as $139 per month with $2,955 down. The car’s $36,050 pre-incentive price isn’t really an issue.




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