Loyalty Driver and Video Content: Your Dealership’s New Best Friend

by Craig Fitzgerald

Video is one of the most com­pelling forms of com­mu­ni­ca­tion ever invent­ed. And sites like YouTube have made it eas­i­er than ever before to share video con­tent with the world. The ques­tion for car deal­ers is: How can I use the pow­er of YouTube to my advan­tage?

Flip video cam­eras and cam­eras like them are read­i­ly avail­able for less than a hun­dred bucks. More and more, HD qual­i­ty video cam­eras are being inte­grat­ed into smart­phones, mean­ing that a lot of your staff prob­a­bly has access to a sig­nif­i­cant mar­ket­ing tool right in their pock­et. You have the tools to get this con­tent out to your sub­scriber base, so let’s talk about what you put in: the con­tent.

• Pro­mote Used Vehi­cle Spe­cials
You’re prob­a­bly already tak­ing pho­tographs and writ­ing brief descrip­tions of the used vehi­cle spe­cials on your lot. In less than three min­utes, you could have an HD-qual­i­ty, descrip­tive video of one of your used car spe­cials, which you can then send out to your entire sub­scriber base. It’s a great means of show­cas­ing inven­to­ry, and intro­duc­ing your sales staff to poten­tial clients.

Videos should be a tar­get length of three min­utes or less. The video should quick­ly intro­duce who is speak­ing and how to get in touch. Briefly cov­er the car’s main points: Year, Make, Mod­el, Trim Lev­el, Mileage and any spe­cif­ic options that would make the car more appeal­ing.

• Include Staff Picks
Have a mem­ber of your staff pick out one of their favorite vehi­cles on the lot and give a walka­round pre­sen­ta­tion. Videos like this are a great way of not only show­cas­ing your inven­to­ry, but intro­duc­ing your staff to your sub­scribers.

Have your staff lim­it their com­ments to three min­utes, and pro­vide Year, Make, Mod­el, Trim and Mileage (if used) infor­ma­tion along with their walka­round.

• Cre­ate User-Gen­er­at­ed Videos
Your cus­tomers could be the best source of video con­tent at your dis­pos­al. Run a con­test with your recent cus­tomers and high­light the best videos in your ecom­mu­ni­ca­tion. It’s a great way to get your cus­tomers involved and talk­ing about their expe­ri­ence, and it takes the pres­sure of cre­at­ing a video off your shoul­ders.

Click here to read the entire arti­cle by Craig Fitzger­ald, Edi­to­r­i­al Direc­tor at IMN.




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