Loyalty Driver and Video Content: Your Dealership’s New Best Friend

by Craig Fitzgerald

Video is one of the most compelling forms of communication ever invented. And sites like YouTube have made it easier than ever before to share video content with the world. The question for car dealers is: How can I use the power of YouTube to my advantage?

Flip video cameras and cameras like them are readily available for less than a hundred bucks. More and more, HD quality video cameras are being integrated into smartphones, meaning that a lot of your staff probably has access to a significant marketing tool right in their pocket. You have the tools to get this content out to your subscriber base, so let’s talk about what you put in: the content.

• Promote Used Vehicle Specials
You’re probably already taking photographs and writing brief descriptions of the used vehicle specials on your lot. In less than three minutes, you could have an HD-quality, descriptive video of one of your used car specials, which you can then send out to your entire subscriber base. It’s a great means of showcasing inventory, and introducing your sales staff to potential clients.

Videos should be a target length of three minutes or less. The video should quickly introduce who is speaking and how to get in touch. Briefly cover the car’s main points: Year, Make, Model, Trim Level, Mileage and any specific options that would make the car more appealing.

• Include Staff Picks
Have a member of your staff pick out one of their favorite vehicles on the lot and give a walkaround presentation. Videos like this are a great way of not only showcasing your inventory, but introducing your staff to your subscribers.

Have your staff limit their comments to three minutes, and provide Year, Make, Model, Trim and Mileage (if used) information along with their walkaround.

• Create User-Generated Videos
Your customers could be the best source of video content at your disposal. Run a contest with your recent customers and highlight the best videos in your ecommunication. It’s a great way to get your customers involved and talking about their experience, and it takes the pressure of creating a video off your shoulders.

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