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Well, Hello There!

I’ve been fortunate to have met a few of you years ago at NAFA meetings and other automotive transportation events. It’s been an honor working with Janice Sutton, and I’m thrilled that she’ll still be around. We look forward to seeing, and interviewing, several of you at the upcoming 2013 NAFA Institute and Expo.

We’re making a few changes to Fleet Management Weekly that started being implemented in the past couple of months. Janice is focusing on industry association and international trends. I’m digging into alternative fuel vehicles and advanced technologies, sustainability, telematics, and intelligent vehicles. We’ll continue presenting, and expanding upon, important fleet management issues like driver safety, regulatory issues, fuel management, insurance and risk management, new vehicles, lifecycle costs, remarketing, and executive leadership.

As for this week… we expect to see growing attention and importance, from governments and corporate executives, on carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, in the years to come. Weather disasters like Hurricane Sandy heighten the issue. This article focuses on California and Quebec starting up cap and trade programs on the first day of this year. Some of you may have seen news coverage of Avis purchasing Zipcar, the largest car sharing company, and which puts them in direct competition with Enterprise and Hertz and their car sharing operations. Consumers and fleets want to have a lot of transportation options these days – this is a good one to watch.

Any thoughts or ideas on what we should be covering? Let me know!

Jon LeSage



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