How Trade-In Marketplace Has Thrived

By Juan Flores

For dealers marketing to savvy consumers in this era of transparency, trade-in value has increased in importance. Juan Flores, recently hired by AutoTrader as Trade-In Marketplace director of operations, says it’s a unique opportunity to bring together consumers and dealers – making the trade-in what consumers expect and what dealers prefer.’s Trade-In Marketplace generated its five millionth offer in mid-January, after having been started up at the peak of the recession in June 2009. It’s the only place consumers can go to access instant offers on their used cars.

Consumers get a no-haggle trade-in, and dealers gain third-party credibility on the valuations plus a cost-effective way to source pre-owned inventory. It mitigates risks for dealers; dealers are given 72 hours to keep the car on the lot or ground it.

“There’s an insatiable need by consumers for more information,” Flores says. “Trade-In Marketplace is a fundamental lead driver product.”

Flores, very enthusiastic about his new role with – parent  company to his former employer, Kelley Blue Book – thinks his new role at is perfect for the changing landscape for buyers and sellers, and is perfect for him to channel his background at KBB, OEM sales, and captive finance.

Juan Flores, director of Trade-In Marketplace operations, can be reached at




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