How to Make a Dealership Service Bay a Profit Center


While it may seem like a no-brainer for most dealers, developing ongoing vehicle service relationships with customers is a critical channel for building revenue and customer loyalty. So then, why is it working for some dealers better than others? It’s about having the right people make the calls to customers.

Of course, you’ll be tapping into your customer database to find customers whose vehicles are ready for service – whether they’ve come to your service bay or not. It’s based on making the right contact to get customers to make their own decision to show up and have their car serviced or repaired. Many dealers have found the right staff to make contact with customers and schedule service appointments through their cashiers, receptionists, and others, who are familiar with talking to people on the phone.

When hiring new staff, it’s good to hire individuals who are capable of using a phone following actionable talking scripts, to make the right kind of invitation. Service-knowledgeable individuals are good to look for – someone with good phone skills, a personable attitude, and a desire to help service customers.



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