Get Your Dealership On Track Using Response Logix

Another Digital Air Strike success story

Digital Air Strike has helped numerous auto dealerships sell more cars, generate more profits, and grow their Internet business. Take a look at some of these success stories to see just how powerful our Response Logix, Social Logix, and Reputation Logix  solutions can be for your auto dealership.

Take, for instance, Scott Wideman, Marketing Director at Tomball Ford located near Houston, Texas.

The tipping point for Scott in choosing ResponseLogix® was a need to find an auto dealer software solution that covered the three areas that he really thought his sales team lacked.

  • Fast response times – Scott doesn’t think there was any product out in the market that gives a detailed quick quote like SmartQuote® so quickly and so reliably.
  • Nurturing the customer – the SmartFollow® lead management product allows Tomball Ford the ability to follow up with the shopper once the conversation had ended between his salespeople and the Internet lead, and to determine if the customer was still in the market.
  • Sales analytics– the dynamic reporting from SmartFacts® sales analytics product lets Scott know if that salesperson is selling cars, and if not, why. Is his salesperson not making the phone calls, or not following-up with his customers? Scott can now find out how many times the salesperson tried to contact customers, how long those conversations lasted, if they were mostly voicemails at 10:00am, or between 5:00pm-8:00 pm when the sales prospect was at home. SmartFacts gives Scott the opportunity to help his salespeople improve, so that they can sell more cars and make more money.

Scott sees ResponseLogix as taking away a lot of the busy work that wears down his salespeople, so they can focus on having more conversations that turn leads into buyers.

Learn how Digital Air Strike can help your dealership increase sales productivity and convert more sales leads.



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