GE Capital Fleet Services Sees $460M in Customer Cost Savings Last Year

Cost savings

GE Cap­i­tal Fleet Ser­vices (GECFS) achieved $460 mil­lion in iden­ti­fied cus­tomer cost sav­ings in 2012. Accel­er­ated and opti­mal replace­ment analy­ses were cited as the lead­ing areas for sav­ings for the fleet man­age­ment com­pany. Over the past four year, that num­bers has reached $1.4 bil­lion in total poten­tial sav­ings oppor­tu­ni­ties for cus­tomers. This has been reached through GECFS’ analy­sis of cus­tomers’ fleet to max­i­mize effi­ciency and reduce costs. “In 2012, replace­ment analy­sis in par­tic­u­lar was an area we iden­ti­fied as a sig­nif­i­cant oppor­tu­nity for sav­ings, due in part to the robust resale mar­ket,” said Steve Jas­trow, strate­gic con­sult­ing ser­vices man­ager at GECFS.

The largest areas of cost sav­ings iden­ti­fied by the com­pany dur­ing 2012 include:

Accel­er­ated replace­ment analy­ses: Deter­min­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties to accel­er­ate the ser­vice life cycle of vehi­cles in order to decrease over­all fleet depreciation.

Opti­mal replace­ment analy­ses: Deter­min­ing the opti­mal time to cycle vehi­cles in a fleet to drive reduced main­te­nance and fuel spend costs.

Lease ver­sus reim­burse­ment: Iden­ti­fy­ing cost-cutting oppor­tu­ni­ties to con­vert com­pa­nies’ dri­ver reim­burse­ment pro­grams to vehi­cle leas­ing programs.

Strate­gic account plan­ning: Experts pro­vide the infor­ma­tion, analy­sis, insights and action­able plans that cus­tomers need to set the stage for success.

Lease ver­sus pur­chase: Deter­min­ing whether leas­ing or own­ing vehi­cles is the most cost effi­cient way to man­age a spe­cific company’s fleet.