Ford is Counting on Small Looming Big

Ford C-Max

New York Times - January 25, 2013

Ford has taken its cue from Europe, where small cars, like small apartments are accepted realities of life, and bringing the C-Max 5-seat people mover to the U.S. market.

Find out what advantages this unique compact can have.

Though it shares its basic dimensions with a Ford sibling, the Focus, the C-Max is more spacious and comfortable; tall passengers gape in amazement at its generous headroom.

That was the experience of Jim Hough, a 6-foot-4, 250-pound Navy veteran who leased a C-Max Hybrid in October.

Says Hough: The C-Max’s road manners bear little resemblance to the way typical gas-electric models respond. The Hybrid’s 188 total horsepower (the combined output of the 2-liter 4-cylinder gas engine and a 118-horsepower electric motor) reveals itself in a guttural roar during highway passing, the only time I could detect the presence of a combustion engine. Ford engineers have perfected the art of hybrid smoothness.

Regardless of whether the fuel economy is simply good or truly outstanding, car buyers will be hard pressed to find as much efficiency, utility and innovative technology in a package as small and affordable as the C-Max models.



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