Electric BMW ActiveE Buyers are Varied


Green Car Reports - January 22, 2013

The writer set out to find out which cars were being traded in for the new elec­tric BMW ActivE, and the results of his ven­ture proved rather interesting.

Which vehi­cles were traded in for the elec­tric BMW?

Of the more than 50 dri­vers who responded–some say­ing what car the ActiveE had sup­planted, even if they didn’t actu­ally trade it in–the list var­ied a lot.

Many ActiveE dri­vers came from the Mini E test, and had effec­tively swapped their elec­tric Mini Cooper for the elec­tric BMW, which is based on the 1-Series two-door sedan.

Beyond the Mini E, though, there were a num­ber of sedans, even a wagon or two, from Euro­pean brands (Audi, BMW, Saab, Volvo).

There was one Lin­coln LS, the early-2000s attempt by Ford’s lux­ury brand to pro­duce a mid-size lux­ury sport sedan. There was one Jeep Grand Chero­kee.

There were a few Toy­ota Priuses, a Honda Civic Hybrid (for the HOV-lane sticker, its owner can­didly admit­ted), a Mazda Miata, and a Sub­aru Out­back Sport. There was even a motorcycle.