Critical Questions Await Automakers in 2013


Detroit Free Press - January 2, 2013

What will 2013 bring to car lovers, automak­ers and shop­pers? Detroit colum­nist Mark Phe­lan puts some of them on his radar screen as a new year starts.

Where do major automak­ers stand on these issues?

Can Chrysler engi­neers and design­ers develop a great off-road-capable Jeep Lib­erty replace­ment based on a Fiat vehi­cle architecture?

Can Ford reha­bil­i­tate its MyFord­Touch and Sync con­trols, or will they dam­age the brand’s rep­u­ta­tion further?

Are Honda’s upgrades enough to save the Civic?

Do the new Chevy and GMC pick­ups have the tech­nol­ogy and fuel econ­omy to com­pete with Ford and Ram?

Will Toy­ota ever replace the Corolla?

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