Continental Follows Google by Testing Driverless Cars in Nevada


Automotive supplier Continental is following Google’s lead by testing autonomous vehicles in Nevada. Continental, like Google, has received the “Autonomous Vehicle Testing License” from the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles to test automated vehicles on public roads. It’s part of Continental’s strategy to invest in research and development for next generation technologies, targeted at a safer, more efficient, and more comfortable future.

“It’s clear to us that automated driving will be a key element in the mobility of the future,” said Dr. Elmar Degenhart, chairman of the executive board of Continental. “As a system supplier, we are perfectly positioned to develop and launch series production of solutions for partially automated systems for our customers by 2016.

We will be able to develop the first applications for highly and ultimately fully automated driving, even at higher speeds and in more complex driving situations, ready for production by 2020 or 2025.”

Continental completed driving demonstration on Dec. 18 in Carson City, Nev., for the state DMV’s Autonomous Review Committee. The committee approved the major automotive supplier’s safety plans, employee training, system functions, and accident reporting mechanisms.

Once approved, Continental will receive its testing license and red license plant with an infinity sign – a symbol for the car of the future. The plate is easily recognizable by law enforcement and the public at large. If autonomous vehicles become common in the short-term future, automakers and tier-one suppliers will have to work closely together to develop the new technology that meets official and public expectations for safety and reliability.



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