Battery-Powered Cars On Tap at NAIAS

Detroit News - January 20, 2013

Hybrids and electric vehicles have represented only a small portion of vehicles sold over the last few years, but battery car makers hope 2013 will be different.

See what’s happening on the floor at NAIAS this week.

Sleek and impossibly low, the Acura NSX concept on display at Cobo Center will bring back a once-legendary nameplate when it goes back into production in early 2015.

Several battery car companies failed entirely, and lithium-ion battery maker A123 went bust, while two other closely watched start-ups, Tesla Motors and Fisker Automotive, are struggling.

Nonetheless, the industry appears to remain not only committed, but willing to press even harder to make a go of battery power. Toyota’s Fay believes the increasing number of products on the Detroit show floor will help “increase awareness” and give demand a boost.

Whatever the reason, there are a lot more hybrids, plug-ins and BEVs on display at Cobo this year, with even more to come.



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