’s Juan Flores on How Trade-In Marketplace Has Thrived


For deal­ers mar­ket­ing to savvy con­sumers in this era of trans­parency, trade-in value has increased in impor­tance. For’s recently hired Juan Flo­res, Trade-In Mar­ket­place direc­tor of oper­a­tions, it’s a unique oppor­tu­nity to bring together con­sumers and deal­ers – mak­ing the trade-in what con­sumers expect and what deal­ers prefer.’s Trade-In Mar­ket­place gen­er­ated its five mil­lionth offer in mid-January, after hav­ing been started up at the peak of the reces­sion in June 2009. It’s the only place con­sumers can go to access instant offers on their used cars. Con­sumers get a no-haggle trade-in, and deal­ers gain third-party cred­i­bil­ity on the val­u­a­tions plus a cost-effective way to source pre-owned inven­tory. It mit­i­gates risks for deal­ers; deal­ers are given 72 hours to keep the car on the lot or ground it.

“There’s an insa­tiable need by con­sumers for more infor­ma­tion,” Flo­res said. “Trade-In Mar­ket­place is a fun­da­men­tal lead dri­ver product.”

Flo­res is very enthu­si­as­tic about his new role with, par­ent com­pany to his for­mer employer, Kel­ley Blue Book. He thinks his new role at is per­fect for the chang­ing land­scape for buy­ers and sell­ers – and is per­fect for him to chan­nel his back­ground at KBB, OEM sales, and cap­tive finance.