Automakers Add ‘Gesture Technology’ to Automobiles

USA Today - January 10, 2013

Drivers have depended on gestures to maneuver through traffic since the dawn of the automobile age, from a friendly wave to a shaking fist – or worse.

Now automakers are adding gestures to their software.

Now, automakers are starting to use gestures to let drivers control functions of the car, whether it’s an approaching hand to activate a dashboard infotainment system or the kick of a leg to open a crossover’s tailgate.

Hyundai plans to introduce a sleek concept car that incorporates “3-D gesture” control so a driver can operate an audio system with the wave of a hand.

The goal: Make it “safe and easy to use,” says Mitchell Zarders, a Hyundai senior engineer, who notes the functionality is still in its infancy. “You are going to be amazed in a couple years. (Gesture control) isn’t going to resemble anything that you see today.”





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