5 Things Service Managers Should Look for In a DMS

By Greg Vrigian

Changing a dealership management system (DMS) is not a decision to be taken lightly; most dealership managers and employees alike resist the idea.

But for Service Managers who have been consulted about the possibility of change, rest assured there are options for all types of dealerships, and the process of a DMS change is not nearly as cumbersome as it used to be.

Here are 5 things Service Managers should look for in a Dealership Management System:

  1. User- Friendly
    Look for a DMS that’s intuitive, requires a short learning curve, and that doesn’t require a lot of keystrokes, codes or gyrations to accomplish simple tasks.
  2. Excellent Support
    DMS vendors should be fighting to not only get your business, but to keep it on a daily business. Ask any potential DMS vendors for references from other dealerships. Ask to talk to other Service Managers who use their system.
  3. Customizable Reporting Tools
    If you can dream it up, you should be able to run it with just a click of a button. Looking at key performance indicators on a daily basis helps keep your focus on profitability. A DMS reporting tool should not only be robust, but also easy to use and customizable to whatever you want to see.
  4. Integrated Scheduling Tools & Service Pricing Guides
    Having everyday functions integrated with your DMS helps to increase shop efficiency. Advanced scheduling tools with a pleasing visual layout will help reduce the amount of time that Service employees spend on the phone and eliminates having to manually type information.
  5. Adaptability for the Future
    If you buy a DMS today, will that system evolve with your needs? Ask potential vendors about their fees for upgrades, software enhancements or any other new features that may come out in the next few years.

For Service Managers exploring new dealership management systems, these features will greatly help maximize profitability by increasing efficiency and reducing the time associated with manual tasks that can, and should be, integrated with the DMS and other Service functions.

Greg Vrigian oversees Auto/Mate Dealership Systems’ customer support, training and installation operations. Click here and go to Page 22 to read the full article.



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