What is the Best Green Car to Buy in 2013?


Green Car Reports - December 10, 2012

Green Car Reports makes its final choice for Best Car to Buy 2013, but not every­one may agree on the final choice.

Find out which vehi­cle GCR picked, and why.

Two years ago, our first-ever Green Car Reports Best Car To Buy award went to the first mod­ern battery-electric car sold in the U.S.

This year, our third annual win­ner is the 2013 Tesla Model S, a car that takes the all-electric vehi­cle to a new and far more ele­vated level.

But that’s far from the only rea­son it won. The Tesla Model S is an impres­sive new entry in the lux­ury sport sedan field for its per­for­mance, its looks, its capa­bil­i­ties, and its dig­i­tal info­tain­ment and con­trol system.

Two of the three ver­sions of the 2013 Tesla Model S have now been cer­ti­fied by the EPA for elec­tric range: 265 miles for the 85-kilowatt-hour ver­sion, and just last week, 208 miles for the 60-kWh model.